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Austin spinal decompression equipment, the DTS
{The Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Table}

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The New Alternative to Neck and Back Surgery in Austin Texas

About West End Chiropractic Clinic's Austin Spinal Decompression Therapy: this proven-effective treatment uses simple, yet sophisticated, FDA-registered equipment manufactured by the leading rehabilitation equipment manufacturer in the U.S., The Chattanooga Group. Chattanooga's Triton® DTS is the most popular spinal decompression system, with over 1,200 installations worldwide. The Chattanooga Group is a division of Encore Medical, L.P.

Unlike any other system, the Triton® DTS offers lumbar, cervical and carpal tunnel (wrist) decompressive traction therapies, as well as an on-board portable High Volt Muscle Stimulator to assist in your treatment regimen. And very importantly, the Triton® DTS allows practitioners and patients with a range of different positions, prone (face down), supine (face up) or on the patients' side. This ensures that the patient is in the most comfortable and effective position for their treatments.

From the quick setup and accurate delivery of decompressive traction therapy, to the gentle completion of treatment, you can rest assured knowing for over 50 years Chattanooga Group and their professional distributor network have led the world in physical medicine products.